Shine this Summer the Ancient Kallos Way

The sun shining on the islands of the Aegean, the tranquillity of the Ionian Sea and the white colour of the Cyclades are all imprinted in the designs, bringing out a contemporary and modern version of the Greek element.

The sun in the form of its ancient Greek symbol features in the logo (ΚΑΛΛΟS), in the letter O, as a representative of the spirit , while the dot in the middle symbolises the original spark, which mainly springs from willpower.

The first purely GREEK Resort wear brand

Inspired by and made for Greek islands, Ancient Kallos resort wear promises holidaymakers even more color style while on vacation.

Celebrating the sheer force of carefree female beauty and wholly inspired by authentic Greek style, Ancient Kallos – its name comes from the Greek word for beauty – is the first ever Greek resort-wear brand.